Saving a Query as a View

Once you've built a query, you can save it as a dataset. Once it's saved, you can search for the dataset, use it as a data source in other queries, download, and shared with others.

From the Build screen, click the Save button on the top-right.

You'll be able to edit the name of your query, as well as add a brief description. (We recommend adding a business-friendly description because this is searchable later.)

Next, choose where to save this dataset. By default, the dataset is saved to "My bucket."  If you want to save it somewhere else, click "Folder" and choose a folder from the dropdown.

If you want to create a new folder with this dataset, enter a new folder name. You'll see the "New" tag appear, confirming that you're going to create a new folder with this dataset.

Finally, click the Save Dataset button. Once you see the "Set added successfully!" message, you're good to go.

Your dataset is now available on the Datasets screen.

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