Replacing/Overwriting a Dataset

In Autodaas, it's easy to replace the contents of a dataset so with a few clicks. 

NOTE: This will override all of the data with the contents of the new file, and all downstream views will be updated. If you're trying to add data to a dataset, you might want to upload a file and Union 2 datasets together instead.

To replace the dataset, click the ellipse on the appropriate dataset and choose the Replace option.

On the "Replace Dataset" pop-up, add a file by dragging it in or clicking "Browse your computer".

Once your file is staged and you've confirmed that you want to replace the dataset, click Submit.

NOTE: If you attempt to replace a dataset with a file that doesn't match the schema of the dataset, you'll see the error below. This means the columns are different in some way (spelling, additional columns, fewer columns, etc). Only submit and override if you know that you want to force the schema change.

Once you click Submit, it will take a second for the new file to move from the Pending folder to replacing the dataset. Once the spinners disappear, you're all set!

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