Joining datasets

If you need to combine data from multiple datasets, you'll need to join the datasets on a common column. For example, to use data from both a list of customers and a list of orders, you would need to have at least one column that's in both. (i.e. customer_id)

Joining Datasets in Autodaas:

  1. To join datasets in Autodaas, first add the sources to the query builder. 
  2. Once your datasets are loaded, click on the Joins tab. Select whether you want a union or an inner join, then click the grey plus button.

3. You'll see a blank join appear, using the format SOURCE | COLUMN = SOURCE | COLUMN. Click the drop-downs to populate each field.

For example, in the situation below, a Google Analytics dataset is being joined to a dataset from a Product database. They both have the field ip_address, so the join will look like:

google_analytics_extract  |  ip_address = product_database  |  ip_address

4. When you're finished, click the green plus to confirm the join. You'll see the grey X (between the datasets on the top of the screen) turn into a green checkmark to let you know that it's joined correctly.

5. Using the same steps above, you can add additional joins if you need to add other files to your View. You can also join files on more than one field.


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