Adding filters to a query

If you want to look at a subset of the data that you added to your View, you'll need to add a filter.

i.e. If I have a list of users and their locations, I might want to only see people who live in the state of Massachusetts.

Adding a Filter

To add a filter, click on the Filters tab, then click the Add Filter button.

A new filter appears, and you can click the drop-downs to select specifically what you want to filter.

  1. First, choose which dataset in the Source dropdown. 
    (i.e. google_analytics_extract.csv)

2. Next, select the column that you want to filter on. (i.e. state)

3. Choose which type of filter: Equal to (=) or Contains. 

  • Equal to (=) means that your View will only show results that are exactly equal to the filter value. In the example below, the View would only show results where the state is Massachusetts.
  • Contains makes the View show results where the specified column contains the letters/numbers in the filter value. In the example below, the View will show results where the state contains the letters "Al", so we would see both Alabama and Alaska.

4. Enter the value that you want to filter for. (i.e. Massachusetts)

5. Click the green plus (+) on the right side of the filter to save it.

6. Check out the results tab to make sure your filter is returning the data that you want. If not, go back to the filter and edit it by clicking the pencil icon.



Adding Multiple Filters

If you need another filter, click the AND or OR button beneath to add it.

  • Using AND means your View will meet the criteria of both of the filters.
    (i.e. "state = Massachusetts" AND "email contains '.org'" will limit your results to anyone with a .org email in the state of Massachusetts.)
  • Using OR means your View will meet the criteria of either of the filters.
    (i.e. "state = Massachusetts" OR "email contains '.org'" will include all results from the state of Massachusetts, plus anyone with a '.org' email address.)

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